• Hello, I'm Brittany and an American expatriate originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Embracing my deep south roots and put a y'all in my blog title.

    In 2009, I moved to Zug, Switzerland. It was quite a culture shock, but a wonderful experience. In 2013, I moved to a small market town in the English countryside.

    I started a blog to document not only my travels, but also my experience of living abroad and learning new cultures and people.

English canals and locks

There is a very large network of canal waterways in the UK. They were built primarily as a way to transport goods and people across the country, but have now become a relaxing boating holiday. They are also a popular place to walk or cycle along. There are 2,000 miles of waterway in England and … Continue reading

First month in the UK

I have been in the UK for about a month now. It has been a big adjustment. I do really miss the mountains. I live very far out in the country so the public transportation isn’t so great. I will need to get a car. Unfortunately, I don’t have a valid driver’s license since I … Continue reading

My farewell letter to Switzerland

Liebe Switzerland, I am writing this on my last day with you, my old home, before I fly off to the UK, my new home. I will definitely miss you and would like to thank you for all that I have experienced and learned from you. There have been quite a few ups and downs, … Continue reading

Favorite places around Zug

Reflecting back on my time in Zug, Switzerland, here are a few of my favorite spots. // //

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